New Technologies Ltd.

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Currently, commercial activity of New Technologies - EC Ltd. involves over 30 manufacturers. The product quality and production deadlines meet high requirements of customers. Our personnel qualification corresponds to assigned tasks, equipment is adequate to orders and prices are reasonably related to quality and competitive price level.

Our policy is openness. Our pricing, technologies and opportunities are no secret. On request we provide our customers with detailed information about any activity. We are readily available to discuss a budget price of any order. Naturally, we do not want our clients to have any problems, thus we would rather prevent the problems than dispute over them afterwards.

Our clients are our partners. According to statistics, more than 80% of our customers are our constant clients with over half of new customers applying to us on recommendation. We appreciate the fact and do not seek instant benefits. Long-term cooperation is our priority.

Our values are honesty, professionalism and focus on innovations.

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