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The most recent business focus of New Technologies Ltd. has become close cooperation with Foseco Steel, Germany. This cooperation covers introduction of innovative technologies aimed at quality improvement at Russian steel works. Foseco Steel is well recognized both in steelmaking and in foundry industries.

In order to improve the quality of ingots Foseco Steel supplies a range of materials, i.e. insulating refractories (either powder or tile), which result in higher yield, lower production costs and increased productivity.

There are numerous constructive elements used as heat-insulation of hot tops, they are: moldable tile, flat and channel tile of different length and width, shaped angle units, one-element insulation systems, etc. Size, configuration and type of fastening to head ends of molds are various. Solutions on appropriate material type, safe and quick fastening are offered to customers depending on their requirements, shape of ingot and mold design.

Foseco Steel can also offer various services in the field of continuous steel casting. Optimized solutions and complete service package for management at all production steps from steel-ladles to moulds are available. The scope covers consumables and hardware, application technologies, equipment and engineering support. All these are designed as compatible with strict requirements and severe conditions of continuous casting, thus they can be taken into account in recommendations on process improvement.

A big variety of components designed to extend the service life of ladle lining, submerged entry nozzles, stoppers, tundish nozzles, as well as numerous special-shape elements are available. Recommended items, even the most complex shapes, provide the best combination of dimensional accuracy and uniformity of properties.

Foseco Steel recommends a patented system TURBOSTOP® for steel flow control in a tundish. The system is intended for optimization of tundish design and its operation methods. Suggested materials are non-toxic and generate almost no dust.

Turbulence in casting area considerably improves the steel quality and consequently reduces production costs of billets.

TURBOSTOP® is used together with other tundish components, i.e. gates, dams and baffles, nozzles, bottom and refractory base. All these improve both tundish life and billet quality.

Finally, few words about fluxes. Chemical slag protection for tundishes supplied as powders or pellets, facilitate removal of non-metallic inclusions, provide heat insulation and protection of liquid steel from oxidation.

These powders reduce breakout occurrence and slab cracking. Quality steel casting is possible even at high temperature and casting rate fluctuations.

Suggested materials are non-toxic and generate almost no dust.

New Technologies Ltd. is ready to provide its assistance in designing optimal systems for casting metallurgical and forging-grade ingots as well as for continuous casting using Foseco Steel materials, personnel training and regular deliveries of necessary materials as requested by customers.

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