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Вверх на один уровень

New Technologies - EC Ltd. was founded in 1997. Its priority business activity is development and introduction of innovative solutions into steelmaking and machine-building industries.

At the beginning, over 50 projects were developed with some of them later successfully implemented at the largest enterprises in Russia

In 2004, new management board came to power. Quality Management System was developed and implemented. Consequently, the range of products was significantly increased.

At the beginning of 2004, New Technologies - EC Ltd. entered into negotiations with Foseco Steel, Germany, for cooperation.

In the middle of 2004, the company commenced on intensive deliveries of replaceable equipment to various plants both in Russia and in CIS. Joint-stock companies «ZSMK», «MZ Kamastal», «MZ Petrostal», «Amurmetall», «UZMM», «NTMK», etc. were the largest among them.

In 2005, the Company closely cooperated with its constant partners. Conditions for increasing the sales market in Russia and CIS were created. Technology proposed by Foseco Steel was widely implemented at steel works.

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