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New Technologies Ltd. – Engineering Solutions

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New Technologies Ltd. together with Remstroimash Engineering Centre offers the following scope of services:

  • Engineering against requirements specification of a Customer, incl. submitted sketches and drawings.
  • Engineering of routing and processing technologies incl. equipment, necessary cutting/auxiliary tools and accessories.

All tasks are performed by skilled specialists who attended training courses in Computer Centre «Specialist» at the State Technical University of Magnitogorsk and were certified for Autodesk Inventor Series 7, Auto CAD 2004 (3D Modeling).

Application of the above-mentioned software package considerably reduces time for developing engineering documents. Specialists of the Engineering Centre are certified for:

  • Design of lifting devices, like hoist towers, cranes (jib, traveling gantry and overhead cranes) and their assemblies, components of control stations, protection systems for safety devices (incl. development of repair documentation);
  • Development of project execution plans and flow sheets for handling operations by means of hoisting cranes;
  • Development of reconstruction/modernization/modification projects for lifting devices; development of performance documents (duplicates) to comply with GOST 2.601 (national standard) and Gosgortechnadzor (Federal Committee for Mining and Industrial Supervision) Regulations on lifting devices in operation.
  • Design of detachable load-handling devices, packing, etc.
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