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Machining Services

High-precision parts:

  1. Multifunctional Turnery GILDEMEISTER CTX: turning, grinding, milling and drilling.
  2. Set of boring machines with numerical program control: boring and contour machining of box-shaped workpieces up to 12 tons.
  3. Horizontal-boring mill WHQ 13 CNC supplied by TOS VARNSDORF, Czech Republic, features simultaneous four-axis operation by means of numerical program control of SINUMERIK 840D. Position of rotary clamping table is set automatically in increments of 0.001. The mill is equipped with automatic tool interchange system. The main technical data are:
    • Spindle diameter 130 mm
    • Transverse movement X3500
    • Longitudinal movement Z1250
    • Spindle stroke W800
    • Workpiece mass, max 12000 kg

Turning lathes, milling, marry-go-round, planing, gear-cutting, slotting and grinding machines facilitate manufacture of parts various in size, shape and precision.

Assembly shop: skilled metalworkers – assemblers, welders.

Welders are certified for welding critical steel structures using various welding techniques and materials. One of these techniques is ESAB welding where argon and carbon dioxide mixture is used together with advanced welding consumables.

Manufacture of hydraulic cylinders.

Manufacture of high-pressure hoses (hydraulic equipment supplied by UNIEFLEX).

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